To add to the magic of an enchanting stay in the hills, come visit our Spa at MAYFAIR Darjeeling. While the fresh air of the hills is enough to perk you up a little, if you want to go the whole distance and rejuvenate yourself completely - body and mind-, then head to our Spa where you will be unreservedly indulged and pampered. Using only choice products, our expert therapists will take you on a blissful journey of relaxation. You can choose from a wonderful array of body massages and treatments at MAYFAIR Spa: the best spa in Darjeeling.

Special Package Deals

Mayfair Spa offers you special package deals with which you will be able to both save as well as enjoy a range of indulgent spa therapies and treatments. A Package of 10 body massages and 10 saloon services comes at a special price of Rs. 33,333/- + Taxes while a Package of 20 body massages and 20 saloon services comes at the incredible giveaway price of Rs. 55,555/- + Taxes.


Abhyanga (Uzhichil) MASSAGE 

Abhyanga is an invigorating Ayurvedic massage where a generous amount of warm herbal oil is applied with perfect pressure to help stimulate the system.

75 minutes
including steam or sauna

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage is a traditional full body massage treatment where firm pressure is applied to stimulate circulation and reduce stress and tension in the body.

75 minutes
including steam or sauna

Foot Reflexology

The deeply beneficial techniques of Foot Reflexology are engaged by expert therapists to apply pressure on fixed vital points of the feet that correspond with various organs of the body, improving overall circulation and removing blockages.

30 Minutes

Mayfair Touch

A novel spa experience is our signature massage therapy, Mayfair Touch, which focuses on relaxing and releasing tension in your upper back, shoulders, neck and head.

30 Minutes

Head Massage

After a long day of discovering Darjeeling , a Head Massage is just the right choice to reduce stress and unwind. Expert therapists use firm bracing strokes on your scalp in this invigorating therapy that is aimed at relaxing you and helps in cooling you.

30 Minutes


Head and Toe

Start a blissful journey of relaxation with a foot reflexology treatment followed by a head massage after which you can opt for either steam or sauna.

90 minutes


In this intensive spa package, you begin with an invigorating Swedish massage followed by a calming steam or sauna. You can also opt for a facial.

120 minutes

Royal Retreat

The Royal Retreat Spa Package begins with a traditional Abhyanga treatment followed by a head massage. You can wind up with a relaxing sauna or steam session.

120 minutes