Observe, Enjoy & Relax !

MAYFAIR Goa serves all. There are various activities which are incorporated to suit every individual of every age. You can either sweat out to your heart’s content or you can just compete hard with your friend over the pool table, it is all for you.

Fitness Centre
  • Situated next to the swimming pool, the fitness centre has the most modern equipment and gadgets. Under the guidance of a qualified fitness instructor the centre offers you all facilities to tone up your muscle.
Swimming Pool
  • Abutting the bay the blue waters of ‘Infinity’ beckons you to take a dip with most fascinating view of submerging sky.
  • Carefully designed, adults and children can have few laps to make it a fun filled place for family. Even the ‘Bar & Grill’ on the deck makes it more enjoyable with a breathtaking panoramic view.
"Light House" the Library
  • Well stocked with several titles covering history, geography, politics & fiction, “Light House” showcases a wide collection of photographs on light houses across the globe. The library has also a good collection of movie and documentary DVDs.