Baron & Baroness

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Scottish Bar !

BARON & BARONESS is a lovely Scottish themed bar that transports you to the Victorian Era. With an abundant use of wood and leather, the bar is just the right place to catch up with close friends over a drink or two. Make sure to try out some of the specialty cocktails like tender coconut margaritas or frozen strawberry daiquiris.



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Most Popular Cocktails:


Bloody Baron, Lambert's Sour, Blue Lagoon, Planters Punch & Moijito

  • Theme:  English Pub
  • Time: Mon-Sun 11am - 11:00pm
  • Most Popular Mocktails: Virgin Baroness, Chocolate Knight, Mayfair Lagoon & Cream de Litchi
  • Phone:  +91- 8599000326, 0674-6660101(EXT: 433)
  • Email: info@mayfairhotels.com
  • Takes Reservations: Yes

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